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  Bio$olid$ (BS) -- urban-sourced human feces mixed with industrial waste.  

A long-term scorched earth approach to agriculture in Virginia?

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May29.2013 -- The darkest side of BS is that it contains the toxins that are illegally disposed of by corporations dumping their wastes down the drain pipe in order to improve their bottom line.  This is a lucrative venture for the Mafioso -- disposing of toxic wastes by illegally dumping them into the sewer system -- which is to say the BS system -- so the customer doesn't have to pay the very high cost of treating and disposing of the waste properly and legally.  Because of unsuspecting farmers thinking they're getting a great deal with free "fertilizer," what goes down the drain pipe ends up on fields all across the country. 

So it is significant that Wal-Mart has been busted for dumping toxic wastes into sewer systems all across America. Link.  In order to bring an end to the investigation by the FBI and EPA, they have agreed to settle by paying a $100 million fine.  This is not the first time.  Wallies has also agreed to settle a similar case in Missouri and In 2010 Wallies paid a $27 million fine in a dumping case.  Link    This is truly one of the filthiest companies in the world, in more ways than one and another example of why communities ought to ban agricultural use of BS.  



Please.   Support "Sandra's Bill" -- Va. HB186, 2012
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"My sympathy and heart go out to anyone that is dealing with sludge 
applications near their homes.  I hope that someone in our government system 
will see what sludge does to human lives and will have the guts 
to stand up to these powerful companies and stop this insanity 
before anyone else suffers or dies
-- Sandra Wyatt, 1944-2009

This website is dedicated to the memory of sludge-victims 
Sandra L. Wyatt (1944-2009) and Willis E. Wyatt (1937-2009), 
and to thousands of others who have suffered 
premature death, disease, and/or disability
as a result of land-applied sewage sludge, 
so-called "bio$olid$."

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