Information for sludge-farmers or potential sludge-farmers 

On this page I have collected links to pages that will be of particular interest to farmers who use BS or who are trying to decide whether or not it's such a good idea. 

The Basics -- Basically, just trying to sort out the terms "biosolids," "sludge," "sewage sludge" and "urban-sourced human feces mixed with industrial waste."

The Good,  The Bad,  The Ugly,  The Smell -- the many faces of BS. [In progress]

BS Nightmares -- like your neighbor's 11 year old kid dying from your BS. [In progress]

How to protect yourself -- one very simple step you can take that will go a long way to protect your house and bank accounts if you get sued. 

Land values after BS -- thinking long term has always been farmers' strong point.  Keep doing it. [In progress]

Sludge Blogs -- before deciding whether to accept the BS-peddlers' offer of free "fertilizer," spend a couple of hours reading through some of these blogs.  The amount of information accumulating against sludge-farming is immense.  Ask yourself if putting your family's health and the health of your neighbors is worth what you'll save.

Library -- Original data articles and documents organized by topic.


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