Protecting Yourself from the BS peddlers 

  If the information presented in this website is not enough to convince you that spreading urban-sourced human feces mixed with industrial waste on your land is a real bad idea, the very least you can do is make an attempt to protect yourself, your family, your house, and your bank account from lawsuits should things go wrong.  You want whatever BS-peddler is offering to provide you with free BS to take responsibility for any legal action that may be brought against you because of harm done by the BS.  The legal document that accomplishes this is called an "indemnity agreement" or sometimes a "hold-harmless agreement."  To be blunt, if you agree to spread this urban-sourced human feces mixed with industrial waste on your land without getting the BS-peddler to sign an indemnity agreement, you are dumber than a shovel-full of the BS you are getting.  

A hold-harmless agreement says that if you are sued because the BS harms or kills someone, then the BS'er agrees to step in and take over the suit and/or to compensates you for anything you lose, including your legal fees.  So if the neighbor's son dies of respiratory complications after breathing your BS, the way 11 year-old Tony Behun and 17 year-old Danny Pennock did, and you get sued as a result, the BS'er who told you the BS was safe will be legally required to compensate you for your legal costs and any judgments entered against you.  

 If the BS'er is telling you the truth about BS being safe, then there is absolutely no reason they would not sign such an agreement.  If they refuse to sign, then that should be all the admission you need that the BS'er is lying to you when they tell you BS is safe.  

 Here is a sample indemnity agreement.   Before you sign a contract to let BS'ers spread BS on your land, print this document, take it to your lawyer, and have him/her advise you with respect to your specific situation.  Perhaps they will draft a more specific agreement for your situation.  Then refuse to enter into any contract with the BS'ers until they sign the agreement.  They almost certainly won't accept the responsibility and accountability, which will tell you all you need to know about how safe BS really is.


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