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2004 -- Thayer v. Town of Tildon No. 2003-421 (NH 11/30/2004)
(Nov30.2004)  Order reversing dismissal of petition for declaratory judgment and ordering entry of judgment against the sludge-farmer


1998 -- Boyce state/federal mix -- Boyce et al. v. Augusta-Richmond County et al., USDC, SDGa
(Aug22.00)  Order granting D's motion to dismiss, closing case.  111 F.Supp2d 1363

1998 -- McElmurray planting credits -- McElmurray et al. v. USDA, USDC, SDGa
(Feb25.08)  Order granting P's motion for judgment.  535 F.Supp.2s 1318

2005 -- McElmurray qui tam -- McElmurray, Boyce, Lewis v. Augusta-Richmond, USDC, MDGa. No. 1:05 CV 1575 ODE
    (Oct01.07)  Order of 11th CA affirming USDC dismissal  501 F.3d 1244
    (Nov30.06) Order granting D's motion to dismiss. 464 F.Supp.2d 1327

2006 -- Lewis qui tam -- Lewis, McElmurray, Boyce v. Walker et al., USDC, MDGa. No. 3:06-CV-6
(Nov13.09)  Exhibit "A" of Lewis affidavit. [Condensed version of The Gatekeepers.]
(Oct06.10)  Order of USDC denying motion to reconsider dismissal 728 F.Supp2d 1284
    (Jan22.11)    Settlement proposal and refusal
    (Aug26.11)  Order of 11th CA affirming USDC dismissal [Not published]

2010 -- The Gatekeepers -- summary of Boyce, Lewis, & McElmurray federal cases


1994 -- Rappahannock sludge by-law -- Welch et al. v Rappahannock County, USDC, WDVa
(Jul18.94)  Opinion of Magistrate Judge W. Crigler granting D's motion for SJ, 860 F.Supp 328
    (May24.95)   Opinion of USDC Judge Michael affirming Crigler's decision, 888 F.Supp. 753   

2000 -- Amelia sludge by-law -- Blanton et al. v. Amelia County et al., Circuit Court Amelia County, Va 
(Jan12.01)  Opinion of Va. Supreme Court reversing trial court 540 SE2d 869

2001 -- Louisa sludge by-law -- Synagro v. Lousia County, USDC, WDVa
(Jul17.01)  Order and Opinion granting P's motion for prelim injxn [Not published. 2001 WL 868638]

2002 -- Appomattox sludge by-law -- O'Brien et al. v. Appomattox County, et al., USDC, WDVa.
(Aug02.02)  Order of USDC granting P's motion for preliminary injunction
    (Jul24.03)  Order of 4th CA affirming USDC injunction
    (Nov24.03)  Memorandum Opinion of USDC granting P's motion for summary judgment

2006 -- Wyatt personal injury -- Wyatt et al. v. Surry Sussex et al.  Circuit Court Surry County Va.
(Undated)  Complaint [very slow link] in initial state court
    (Apr03.07)  Opinion remanding from USDC EDVa to state court. 482 F.Supp2d 740
    (Nov02.07)  Order denying demurrer.





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