On Jan11.2012 C. Todd Gilbert (R-Woodstock) of the Virginia House of Delegates introduced HB186 to amend the Virginia sludge statute to allow localities to ban land-application of BS if they desire.  The bill can be found here, see paragraph I.  

I have begun referring to this bill as "Sandra's Bill" in honor and memory of Sandra Wyatt, a resident of Surry County, Virginia who died from BS exposure in May.2009 after a brave court battle against Synagro.  Story here.

Everyone who is serious about giving rural communities the power to determine for themselves whether or not BS will be spread within their boundaries needs to get behind Mr. Gilbert and this bill.  We have been waiting for this chance for a decade.

The bill was sent to the Committee on Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources where it was tabled until 2013.  Here is the bill's history.  We have a year to push this legislation.  It currently has just one patron, Mr. Gilbert.  We have a long way to go before Jan.2013.

Here is a copy of an Email I sent Mr. Gilbert.  Please send him your own Email of encouragement because, believe me, Synagro and the other BSers will be doing everything they can to stop him.  If you live in Virginia, please get on to your Delegate and Senator to support Sandra's Bill -- call, send them an Em, send them a letter, then call them again.

Here is a list of members of Virginia's General Assembly.  Please use it. 

Mr. Gilbert's Em address:  Thank him for what he's trying to do for Virginia's rural communities that want to stop being the pay-potties for Newark, New Jersey.


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