Some useful sludge-warrior websites 


ActionPA -- enormous collection of links and info.  Site is not identified, but I think it's run by a group called Action PA.

Deadly Deceit -- wide-ranging environmental site.  This site really scares me 'cause if half of what it says i true, and I'm sure it is, we are really cooked.  The link to "Sludge Fact Sheets" takes you to great collection of papers analyzing various aspects of BS.  Run by Jim Bynum.

LogoPhere -- the Gutter Grunt's blowin' off steam blog.  "LogoPhere" is what you get when you've taken the "BS" outa' the BlogoSphere.  Topics mostly not about sludge but about the other type of BS we all have to put up with in the blogosphere and main stream media.  

Loudon Neighbors Against Sludge --  not restricted to problems faced by Loudon County, Va., this site is well organized for getting to specific information.  Last updated July 2009.  The site is run by Barbara Rubin, a dedicated fight-back victim of BS, who was chased out of her home by the sludgers.  

Sewage Sludge Action Network -- a North Carolina group that is well organized and still in the high-energy phase of anti-sludge activism.  Updates to this site come on about monthly intervals.  Get on their Em list.

Sludge Facts -- more sludge documents and info than you can read in a month.  Run by Citizens for Sludge-Free Land (CSFL) 

Sludge News -- very nicely organized and presented site operating on the national level.  The best collection of actual scientific articles I have found.  Run by Laura Orlando, Boston, and RILES, and independent non-profit environmental organization. 

Sludge Victims -- compilation of people nationwide who have died, choked, blistered, vomited, and been chased out of their homes by BS.  There are some incredibly sad stories documented here.  Run by Helane Shields, an inspiring and indefatigable sludge-warrior. 

The Watchers -- Jim Bynum's extremely comprehensive collection of BS links and commentary.

United Sludge-Free Alliance -- a beautiful and well organized site by a Pennsylvania group, Pennsylvania being the most heavily sludged state in the Union. 

Virginia Bay Blues -- focus on the Chesapeake Bay and nutrient pollution.  Author unidentified.  


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